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See the light

bad poetry

Silence surely isn’t golden
Something that, should be broken
The pain that silence always hides
Only serves to create divides

Opening up may well hurt
Less than being an introvert
Choosing never to share
Only hurts those who care

Closed down, easy to forget
Those who care, your best asset
Easier to ignore than to expose
Easier to hate than to disclose

Pain becomes your only friend
Into darkness one does descend
Hard to escape a personal hell
Impossible to break the outer shell

Solace found in the wrong places
Hurt not repaired just changed faces
Aching just burrows deeper
In the mind hurt is the sleeper

Don’t be tempted to dwell in the dark
Always look for at least a spark
Those who care will always be near
Never discount those you once held dear


  1. Rugby843


  2. Rugby843

    As I was saying…dang controllers!! …I hate giving compliments to fuel your ego, but I loved this, and so true.

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