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Parked in the dark



Immediately after the second bump of the front wheels he stopped the car. In the pitch black night the shininess of the pristine black body work could barely be made out, he was but a silhouette, but he took pride in his car and always made an effort to keep it showroom clean.

Although the locals knew it was there behind the back drop of night the railway crossing that he had stopped the car on was also little more than shapes in the dark. There was no boom gates, no guard rails, just warning lights that flashed and a claxon siren to warn of an approaching train.

The railway crossing was on a back country road, only used by locals and rarely used at night. He knew that that’s why he parked there. That and the fact that when the last train from the city rounded the blind corner less than 50 meters away the chances of the train driver seeing his black car parked over the tracks and reacting in time to do something about it were extremely slim.

He turned the engine off and stared into the darkness contemplating how his life had driven him to be parked on a train line waiting for the midnight express from the city to barrel around the corner.

She’d driven him to this, well he’d driven himself it was his car, but she was the reason he did it. At first he thought she was pushing him to be a better person but then he realised she was just pushing him away. He realised her own life of solitude meant more to her than a life of togetherness, not just with him but with everyone. Sure she claimed different, she wanted friends, she wanted life outside the four walls she created but she did nothing to prove this, in fact she worked harder and harder every day to make sure such things didn’t happen.

He spent his time making excuses for both of them, he tried his best to ignore the small digs at his mistakes, her need to correct him in front of others and the way she relied on him for everything, but sometimes things just got too much. His explosions weren’t violent, but like hers they were loud and venom filled, but only his got remembered. Just like only his silence got remembered, he was closed off, he was reluctant to talk, where as she didn’t talk because she claimed she had nothing to say. Even he knew everyone has a voice, and that those who try to suppress their own will eventually find the people around them stop asking to hear it.

Despite all this he still loved her, loved her for who she was, loved her for what she was, loved her because she was herself. He didn’t care that she’d been slowly driving him to the edge for years, he overlooked that because he loved her. He loved her so damn much that leaving her in the peace and harmony she seemed to desire was all he could think of doing.

Turning to his left he could see the glow of the approaching train light from around the bend. He knew the lights were powerful and shone for a great distance, but he also knew he was only seconds away from the high speed train coming around the corner. Turning the ignition on he hit the button on the door to lower the window, he wanted to hear the bells and sirens of the crossing, he wanted to hear the approaching train, but most of all he didn’t want to hear his own screams.

Within seconds the warning claxon began to scream and the red lights began to flash flooding the area is an eerie red glow. Instinctively he lowered his hand to the ignition to turn the key to the off position. Then he saw it, the bright white light of the train began to round the corner. He heard the first screech of the trains horn, a warning blast done before every railway crossing, there would be another one within seconds. He froze in his seat.

The screaming sound of the warning claxon filled his car and rang painfully in his ears. The second blast of the train horn rang loudly. He stared into the light unable to move, he could not tell how close the train was his eyes were transfixed on the glow. A third screaming horn blast from the train came as the train driver realised there was something on the track and he had no chance to stop before impact was made.

Transfixed by the light, deafened by the noise, frozen in place and awaiting impact he was running on empty and control of his brain had long been handed over to his sub-concious. The train was less than 30 metres away and time seemed to be travelling in slow motion. It was then his own auto pilot took over.

Had his hand not been resting on the ignition key things would have been completely different, desperate seconds would have been wasted, but instead his own inner auto pilot was able to turn the key. As the large V8 engine fired into life his foot was planted hard onto the accelerator pedal and the car shot forward clearing the tracks with only centimetres to spare.

As the train continued on the shiny black car sped into the darkness, no headlights, just a deep throated roar of a v8 engine. Inside the cabin of the train the driver swore loudly and counted his blessing. Inside the cabin of the car a voice could be heard screaming.



  1. I kinda wanted him to, you know.

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