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Sucked in?

bad poetry

They stared at each other, eyes Crossing the table
The flutter of their hearts just a little unstable
Eyes full of longing, minds full of lust
A fire between them, set to combust

“Take me now,” she said in delight
“Do me on the table and take all night”
Pushing out her chair and dropping her skirt
She took off her knickers and unbuttoned her shirt

Sitting up on the table, perched like rooster
She called for him quick to come and to goose her
He did as she pleaded, dropping his pants as he ran
He’d been there before and he did have a plan

He rubbed her legs gently with each calloused hand
He knew where he was going, headed for her southland
He caressed her gently, her moans guiding his way
Wet weather was predicted but he could come in and play

With her secret garden damp there was no turning back
He didn’t have a map but he could follow the track
The path was straight but required many a reverse
With such great action there would be no disperse

When the pace picked up there was much bump and grind
Two young bodies twisted and forever entwined
When she lay down on her back and exposed her big breasts
He stood googled eyed and wished they didn’t have guests

It was just as he was ready to explode with a scream
He worked out his end game and plotted his scheme
He reached forward with a stretch and let out a fart
He then grabbed the knife and plunged it into her heart

He then killed the guests, chasing them all round the room
He took out one with dessert fork and one with the broom
And the rest died of shock at the size of his baseball glove
It was murder and mayhem but you can’t deny it was love


  1. Yum, yum, yuck!! (Sounds like an Asian dish) You mischievous son-of-a-gun! Yes, you sucked me in…., I sooo don’t like you! : )

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