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Love and Hate

bad poetry

It’s the lust in your eyes
The sway of your thighs
The swing of your hips
The pout of your lips

It’s the rose of your cheek
And your hair’s cute grey streak
It’s the pant of your breath
And your own shibboleth

It’s the sweet innocent smile
And your own unique style
It’s everything about you
That turns me askew

You hate that I exist
You hate that I persist
You hate that I breathe
It just makes you seethe

You hate when I praise
With any single phrase
You hate when I’m nice
Because of the hate you devise

You hate that I love
You continue to shove
You hate being called honey
Yet you do love the money

Where did things go pear shaped
Left broken twisted and raped
No excuses no reasons
Dead silent for all seasons

There wont ever be a crossing
While you’re forever bossing
There wont ever be peace
While you continue to fleece

Bashed kicked and abused
Left unbreathing and confused
Torn apart at the seam
Yet to the world you still beam


  1. oh man I could substitute male mannerisms for this and it would apply to someone formerly in my life – well done

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