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bad poetry

I just watched Ghostbusters
So I’ve got nothing to write
I was too busy concentrating
On hunky chunky Helmsworth
To make up a bunch of words
I can hear you all cheering
Because my silliness wont be seen

Now I’m watching Mrs Browns Boys
Something many may not understand
But there is just no chance of getting
Any words written while Mrs Brown
Is on screen because he’s too funny to ignore
Especially when he tells his family
That they should just Fek off

So to my massive legion of fans 😛
I’d like to apologise in advance
For not writing something good
For not writing something with substance
I’d also like to apologise
For not putting in the required effort
But I wont.

Oh and for the uneducated out there
I’ve found a new food sensation
It’s something of an acquired taste
Once you try it your life will never been the same
You start with a plain bread roll and smother it in butter
Then get some hot salami and cover that in bacon Jam
It’s the sandwich of the gods!



  1. I was too busy concentrating On hunky chunky Helmsworth – haha is this the teenage girl writing again? 😉

    • Going by tv shows we see here you don’t call it jam, maybe jelly. Isn’t a PB&J peanut butter and a raspberry jelly or something like that?
      Jam here is sugary thing you spread on bread, bacon jam is that but made with bacon chunks and bacon flavour

  2. Yikes, bacon jam? Ewww. I love bacon, but not often and crispy is my choice. Sounds as if it’s like canned deviled ham?? I can’t reply on the comment, so wanted to say I can relate to sleepless nights of pain. Enough to make you go over the cliff!

    • I wouldn’t have brought bacon jam myself but it’s amazing how good it tastes, it’s like a cross between a tomato sauce and sugar but with bacon flavour. It’s amazing and massively over priced for what it is.

      Thankfully my current pain only lasts about 24 hours then it disappears for a while. Shoulder pain etc hangs around but it’s not quite as annoying in bed.

  3. I can’t even comment on the Reader! Arrgh

  4. Seriously, this is ridiculous! I can comment to everyone else, just not you! You’re right, vendetta!

    • But you are commenting to me.

      I use the reader for some peoples sites, the admin panel for some and the authors site for others because no one method works all the time.

  5. Okay, show of hands….who’s paying for this and still has problems?

  6. Can’t even comment from my phone. Okay, I’ll read your crap and you read my crap and never the train shall meet, or whatever that saying is

  7. Yes but I have to go to your site. I can’t comment from my comment or notice section. But others I can. From my phone I can others, but yours says something like API disabled.

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