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Something I’m hopeful for.

I’m hopeful that the error that’s stopping me leaving comments on peoples websites fixes itself.

For more than 24 hours I haven’t been able to leave comments on anyone’s websites. Before 9am (my time) yesterday I left a comment, after 9am I couldn’t reply to the reply of that comment.

At first I thought it was a weird spam error on the site in question because it’s happened before, but then I realised it was happening on all WordPress hosted sites, not self hosted.

I can like posts, I just can’t leave a comment. Call me silly, call me old fashion but I like to let people know I like their effort, anyone can ‘like’ a post but taking the time to leave a comment shows you actually give a crap (or you’re a stalker) as far as I’m concerned.

So here’s a new years resolution for WordPress since wherever they are they are still stuck in 1916 (yes I meant 1916). Try fixing these issues:

Random barring from the prompt page.
Random barring from the reader.
Random errors in posting comments.

All these errors happen to all WordPress users at times, no rhyme no reason and even if one contacts WP admin and they get an answer it’s an answer that sounds like it was written by a 12 year old script kiddie.

So to all those people who have posted, I don’t read you 🙂
To all those I do read, you’ll have to accept a ‘like’ and not a well thought out line of dribble telling you so…..damn I feel like a thousand other souls teetering on a like button but never falling off!!!!

I fully expect to be banned from the reader and the prompt page tonight given that every time I bitch about WP and their errors at least one of those things happen, but hey I’m sure it’s a coincidence 🙂


  1. Hope they sort it out for you! Happy 2017!

  2. Yup, having lots of problems. Thought it was me…….ahem, now I know better.

    • It really is becoming annoying, I know WP is a free system and they aren’t obliged to fix anything that any users complain about but it seems like a few pissed off people saying things doesn’t effect them either, and why would it when they have massive corporations and businesses paying them a lot more than us plebs.

      I was trying to have a comment convo with someone yesterday and it wouldn’t let me 🙁

  3. I guess I’m as old fashion, and silly as you cause I like to comment and let people know their efforts to produce something is appreciated. I hope things get fixed if not why not go premium the service-may be better. Remember you get what you paid for……

    • Firstly they’d have to prove to me a premium service actually works better, you don’t always get what you pay for the internet itself is proof of that.

      Secondly if the few responses they have given are anything to go by they do not know the cause of the issues, be it self hosted or WP hosted you can give the techs complete access and they still never find any issues, unless they are refusing to find faults with self hosted and free subscribers, which is piss poor service, then how would paying for a premium service change that?

      Thirdly the word premium on the internet is a joke, if you believe that premium actually means something other than they take peoples money I have a few acres of land on the moon I’m willing to sell you.

      • well I’ve had no issues…

        • It’s a convincing picture you paint but I retain full control over my server, my data and who accesses it and pay less for the service than a premium WP account. Losing the ability to comment for a few hours, missing on the prompt page or missing from the reader is hardly a big issue but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to have a go at WP given their complete lack of concern for their own users and more so self hosted users.

  4. Hang in. 2017 can only get better.

    Hope you have a happy one.



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