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One joyous trip

bad poetry

Feeling nothing
Ain’t no bluffing
No more discussions
Fuck the repercussions

No more voices
Run out of choices
No more sound
Going to the ground

No last excuse
Over the abuse
No more pain
Time to tap the vein

A darkened room
Will be my tomb
Laying on the bed
Soon to be dead

No more life to sacrifice
This one taken by one slice
Just make sure to clench the fist
Blade slides down from the wrist

No more moping
No more hoping
No more dreaming
No more screaming

Breath is straining
Blood is draining
Thoughts escaping
Mouth a-gaping

Laying in a pool of red
On the sheets it does spread
Finally resting
No more protesting

No more a slave to your power
No more need for me to cower
Finally free of your death grip
On a final joyous trip


  1. Bit hard core, dude.

  2. Wow, written and said, okay. And that is all. Ok?

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