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Pirates of the old world

bad poetry

Deep blue sea, rolling ocean
Landlubbers sick from the motion
Thrashing waters, raging waves
Davy Jones locker, watery graves

Riding high in our Man Of War
We are the men of old folklore
Powering hard through raging seas
We seek the wind, we hate light breeze

A hundred cannons grace our hull
When they fire they break the lull
Those in our path don’t stand a chance
Cannonball fire ends their dance

Victory is ours, when their ship is sunk
To the ocean floor nothing more than junk
We drag the captain from the raging sea
The scoundrel now our abductee

Tied across the keel the bastard is sprawled
The treacherous bastard now keelhauled
Tied under the ship, drowned like his crew
Not even given the chance to say adieu

Our lives of crime make betrayal imminent
Some of the crew not always innocent
Steal their booty,or loose a fight
Go against your crew and we turn out your light

For crimes against the captain so frank
You scrawny bastards shall walk the plank
Your final walk will be gagged and bound
Your disloyalty will see you drowned

Pay your dues, prove your loyalty
And you’ll be paid your wealthy royalty
Our life on the sea is not for all
Even those who have ‘heard the call’

We drink our cider, we drink our rum
In the taverns on land they call us scum
Our swords of steel slice flesh and bone
Local town folk always over thrown

We rape, we pillage, we plunder
We ride the seas of raging thunder
We are pirates of the old world
Cross our paths you will be furled


  1. Like this, rolls along like sea waves

    • Thanks 🙂 TBH I have been trying to write a pirate poem for ages and it took pillage (and a bad mood) to write it. It’s one of the few poems I’ve written where I tried to maintain some sort of roll instead of just rhyming.

  2. You shouldn’t be in a bad mood now. That was wonderful. I want to be a pirate, feeling the wind at my back and the thunder of my cannons clearing the way.

  3. beautiful…they should add this to their pirate’s shanties list.
    haha… 🙂

  4. Nice poem. Channeling Jack Sparrow?

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