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Alone in the dark

bad poetry

Sitting all alone in the dark
I let the bastard make his mark

He tore out my shattered soul
Left in pieces, no longer whole

His every word just left me yearning
My dying heart he did leave burning

No longer breathing, no longer feeling
From this heartbreak there’ll be no healing

There is no escaping the aching pain
Still don’t know how to abstain

I sold my soul to his every whim
He left my light fading and dim

Wasn’t hard to fall for his guise
All I had to do was close my eyes

Wish I could feel, wish I could touch
Wish the guy was not my crutch

He left me broken, torn and blind
Shattered, smashed and declined

Crying, screaming tears are streaming
No more sleep, no more dreaming

Laying on the bed with this knife
He took everything but my life

No longer seeking his approval
No longer looking for renewal

One quick slice, one last breath
Nothing left, now comes death.


    • Thanks 🙂 Just wanted too see if I could pull off and emotional female character in voice. Again no anger in me just anger in a voice. Although it does make me wonder is there a emotional teenage girl screaming to get out of my head.

  1. Different, but I liked it. You didn’t show up in the Reader. I find I have to read the email versions but can’t comment. How’s it going?

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