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Two of a kind?

He was cruising down South Road, a known spot for picking up women of the night. He wasn’t into expensive escorts. He wasn’t into high class hookers. He wasn’t even into reasonably priced call girls. He was only interested in the girls who could be picked up on the drug addled streets of suburbia. He had his reasons for doing what he did, just like he had his reasons for changing his selection locations each time.

Even he knew the bald and somewhat pointed head, the wispy thin moustache that curved over his top lip and dropped down either side of his mouth, the big nose that looked like it had been squashed onto his face, the ears that stuck out like wings and the four missing teeth made him somewhat unattractive to women but he didn’t care, if he was paying for their services they would take him as he appeared.

The other thing he knew was that more often than not the bite was taken in the first look and for the girls on South Road seeing a fancy car headed towards them was nearly enough to convince them of their sale before they saw the person driving the car. It was the reason he’d partially mortgaged the house he’d inherited from his mother to buy the Mercedes Benz he was sitting in.

He had a particular sort, a type he always looked for and if he couldn’t find one that suited the desire he went looking elsewhere. The girl he selected didn’t have to be perfect, there were some things that could be faked, but they had to have certain attributes. Height was the most important aspect, he still worked in the old scale and his girls couldn’t be taller than 5 foot 10. Weight wasn’t a huge issue as long as they weren’t overly fat or underfed, he liked some meat on the bone. Over the last few years he’d come to realise that hair colour and hair length was not as important as he once thought, size was much more important.

After nearly ten minutes of cruising and several trips up and down each side of South Road he selected his woman. He’d actually picked her out on the first circuit but at first she was selected purely as a back up choice if he didn’t find find a better option, he didn’t and option two became option number one.

Pulling the Mercedes up to the kerb in front of her he wound down the passenger side window and watched her walk towards the car.

“Hey sexy,” they always lied to hook their pay cheque he thought as she spoke through the car window. “What pleasure can Candy provide for you tonight?”

They spoke for a few minutes through the open window, he told her the same pleasures he always told the women he picked up while Candy leant on the window sill and told him her price. It was a price he of course agreed to pay, he always agreed to their price, there was no point trying to haggle with a hooker, especially not on the side of the road.

Once the deal was made Candy opened the car door and climbed into the passenger seat, she made sure to have her short skirt ride up her right leg just a little bit to show some bare skin. Once in the seat she closed the door, put her seat belt on and watched has her next pay cheque put the car into gear and headed off down the road.

“So where are we headed?” Candy asked after a few minutes on the road but got not immediate answer so she continued. “Usually guys just take us to a motel or do it in the car. Do you want to do it in the car?”

“Nah, my place is more comfortable.” he replied without taking his eyes off the road.

“How far away is it?”

“Not far”

Figuring she would find a way home just like she always did Candy sat back and enjoyed the ride.

They drove for nearly thirty minutes before pulling up in front of a large set of iron gates. Candy began getting worried at about the twenty minute mark, by the twenty five minute mark she was almost prepared to jump out of a moving vehicle but when they pulled up in front of the large gates and she could see the mansion behind them she suddenly changed her mind. It was of course a fantasy that a girl like her would find a rich bloke who would save her from the world of prostitution, it a dream to even consider the possibility that a rich bloke would use her exclusively and keep bringing her back to such a wonderful looking house, but that didn’t mean a girl like Candy couldn’t think about it.

Opening the gates with a remote control hanging from the mirror the man drove the Mercedes up to the front door of the huge house. She had tried to make small talk several times in the car but with little response she’d given up and decided to go with the flow of the evening.

He escorted her up the steps to the front door where he used his keys to unlock the door and push it open. Motioning her inside the house they walked into a huge open foyer.

“Where’s the bedroom? Or do you want to do it somewhere kinky?” Candy said feeling a little uncomfortable but thinking more about the pay cheque she’d been promised.

“This way.” the man said putting his hand on Candy’s back and leading her towards the stair case.

They walked together up the stairs, when they got to the top Candy was directed to the left and towards a closed door. The man reached forward, turned the knob of the door handle and pushed the door open. Candy was of course hesitant but she stepped inside the darkened room. Before she had a chance to ask her next question the light came on and flooded the room in a iridescent blue glow. Her first thought was that she’d entered something kinky, her second thought, that she was going the be raped and pillaged, might have been closer to the truth but both thoughts were instant removed from her mind when she heard a noise.

Turning to her right, the direction of the noise, Candy was shocked rigid. Sitting in a chair less than five metres from where she stood sat a girl, not just any girl but a girl who could have been her doppelganger. The girl was dressed in a different outfit but the rest of her features, the ones that really mattered, were a dead ringer for Candy. She needed more make up and a blonde wig but even a blind man could see how close Candy resembled the girl tied to the chair and gagged with what appeared to be a pair of women’s stockings.

Candy immediately turned to say something but it was too late, a rag with something that smelt awful covered her face and within seconds she was being laid on the floor unconscious.

“Meet Candy,” the man said to the woman sitting in the chair staring as if she was not paying any attention to what had just happened.


  1. Jesus Christ. And ???

  2. Very creepy. Not riding this one with you.

  3. Yikes! Deliciously creepy

    • I agree that it’s kind of creepy, or at very least suggestive, which was entirely my aim.
      I didn’t even write this with the intention of a sequel or follow up I just had the idea formed and decided to run with it and see where it went. Kind of happy with the way it turned out actually.

  4. Creepy. Does he keep collecting them?

    • Seriously I’m not sure. It’s one of those stories I kind of wanted to keep up but at the time the only path I had was not very original so I put it on the back burner. I might get back to it.

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