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It’s bed time

bad poetry

Head is getting heavy
Time to pay the levy
The tax imposed
To be comatose

Eyelids keep dropping
Two match sticks for propping
Eyes are open
Brain feels broken

Open mouth a-yawning
Can feel sleep a-calling
Won’t need to count no sheep
Just to fall asleep

Body aching
No more waking
Retreat is coming
Time to drain the plumbing

Up from the couch
A proper slouch
Head off to bed
Thumping in the head

Throw back the sheets
Rational thought depletes
No stuffing around
Time to lay down

11 pm and lights are out
11:05 asleep without a doubt
Lost in the land of nod
So far nothing is odd

12:35 wide awake
90mins sleep what a flake
Eyes wont stay closed
Can’t stay composed

2am still not snoring
Staring at the roof very boring
Again look at the clock
3am Oh what a crock

Lay awake until the dawn
See the sun, start to yawn
Alarm starts ringing
Birds start singing

Another night of wonderful sleep
Climbing out, bed seems to steep
No idea how normal people cope
8 hours a night you are a mope


  1. I feel this 100% hat fricken insomnia! Goodnight 🙂

  2. Insomnia would give us plenty of time to write, if we only didn’t feel so miserable.

    • My problem is I refuse to get up and do anything, partly because I don’t want to wake the house but also because I figure even if I don’t sleep I need sometime away from the computer. So I just lie there awake

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