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Ode to Christmas

bad poetry

Definitely a chance to get defrosted
Outside right now it’s thirty four
Washing didn’t dry, it just got roasted
No chance out there of seeing a hoar

I’m not bitching, it could always be hotter
Christmas day is going to be thirty five
Makes family gatherings a bloody slaughter
Into the swimming pool I’ll have to dive

Christmas time’s always full of stress
If I had my choice I hide from it all
My family can be like an infected abscess
Thank god for the ones that are so small

Designated driver means there are no beers
But thanks to the kids and their smiles
And thanks to the kids and their happy cheers
Daddy’s brain might survive the trials

No one cares that Daddy’s brain is fried
Or that Daddy’s head is full of mist
No one really cares just what’s inside
Fuck it all, I should just turn up pissed.

I’ll arrive at the door with my good mate Jack
Or maybe float in with Captain Morgan
Once in the door they can all stand back
Especially she who acts like a gorgon

Ok I’m not painting an impressive picture
But I tell you now I’m just not an artist
For me it’s a day of constant stricture
It’s like my mind they are trying to harvest

They probe my mind, they twist my brain
It’s like are just waiting for the breach
Don’t they know they are driving me insane
Fuck it all, the kids and I might go to the beach


  1. You’d all probably have a better time. But except for the prep, it’s just one day. You can stand anything if it’s temporary. Aha, another between the lines love for your girls, softie.

    • I do survive every day, when things get too much I just log off and go into my own world. Sadly I can function, I can even been the loudest in the room but I’m just not there. It sounds good but too many times I forgot to come out of the trance when I get home.

      It’s no secret I love my wife and kids, they drive me crazy in a good way but I still love them and would do absolutely anything for them. I doubt they will ever truly know just how bleak I was, until I die and they get access to the various hard drives I have floating around the house.

      • My friend is going through an extremely hard time and I’m worried about him. He doesn’t like the hoopla either, and depression is not a short time thing. I’m sorry about the shoulder. Tupperware legs? Lately it’s like my legs are waking up, just bugging me. Very weird sensation. If life were perfect, we’d be bored!?

        • Don’t you have Tupperware in America? It’s over price plastic bowls and stuff, mum has over price plastic and titanium joints so we are going to have a Tupperware party one day 🙂

          Depressions sucks, no one is ever cured I don’t think. I can’t speak for your friend but I know that 18 months ago if my wife tried to help I’d have said there was nothing wrong. By the time I realised what I was going through she’d stopped asking. My advice is keep asking, you might get resentment now but in the future he might just see it for what it was, a friend wanting to help.

  2. We were in line for an hour or more while three people up had a problem. Why the management didn’t just take them aside to an empty line, I don’t know. Poor business practice.

    • I just get sick of the people who stop in front of people, leave trolleys where ever it suits them and especially those who leave prams in places you can trip over them. People are in a hurry I accept that but so many are just ignorant

  3. Yes we do, had some a million years ago. I have a right knee replacement but it’s metal. Other parts in my body are not replaced by plastic, they’re just missing! ; )
    He knows but I finally, I think, learned to stop trying anything to help. I’m just available if he wants to talk.

    • My mum’s knee is mostly titanium but there is plastic in it. The idea of having a Tupperware party when someone with artificial parts dies is an old aussie joke.

      I some times think my brain is missing, the doctor told me I was the only patient to ever fail a CAT scan!

      Available is sometimes all someone needs, trust me I needed it but didn’t want to accept it and it quickly became too late to accept it.

      • How can you fail a cat scan? I joked about finally having proof I actually did have a brain last summer in an ER. Couldn’t breathe, actually thought I was dying, and they brain scanned me. That was quite the experience.

  4. Hope you were using Celsius, otherwise you plans don’t sound appealing. I’m using the same numbers otherwise.

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