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A poem for Christmas

bad poetry

How could I tell you I was scared
When I was living inside my head
Entrapped in a broken mind
Alone and feeling so confined

Sitting alone in my office
A tied up bull, a raging Taurus
Spent time trying to be a writer
Every day, caged like a tiger

Lost in a world of heavy metal
Stupid mind would never settle
To the outside world I tried to pretend
While into solitude I did descend

Two demons inside, fighting for dominance
One destroying nerves, killing confidence
The other always seeking to extol
Both are fighting for complete control

Made excuses, I was in a writers brain
Could not see the household strain
The walls fell down one by one
Could not see the burden I’d become

Spent too long lost in a trance
The waltz of depression the only dance
By the time help had been found
The boat had finally run aground

There really is no bounty
When your mind is so damn bouncy
When your brain is always rattling
And your mouth is constantly prattling

To my closest friend I still can’t talk
Open my mouth, words turn into a squawk
First word out, begins to swerve
Second word out, lost my nerve

All the words fall under a guise
I wish I could just apologise
Every day I become a little more hoary
Every day wish I could just say sorry

Guess there is nothing more to say
To-day is another day
I offer love, hope for forgiveness
And I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas.


  1. A very good description of depression and the aftermath.

  2. Merry Christmas to you, too, and remember, tomorrow is yet another day, and then another and another… many happy days to you.

  3. Hope you had a good Christmas

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