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I need help!

bad poetry

The temperature outside is rising
Running around naked is energising
The neighbours all run screaming
No question what they’ll be dreaming

The wind outside is Calm
No need for any lip balm
There is only a light breeze
And no chance your junk will freeze

The sun outside is hot
The thermometer is shot
The neighbours eyes are burning
Nuddie runs leave them yearning

With temps up in the thirties
Sunburn on your willy is hurties
Always use some sun screen
Or the Lord’s name you will scream

With the weather so damn warm
And no chance of a big rain storm
The only chance I have to get wet
Is to sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat

This hot wether is just a blast
When I’m running around bare arsed
If it wasn’t for running round naked
I think I’d be quiet jaded.


  1. Im curious. I replied to the email I received notifying me of your post. Did you get it? I never know.

  2. And if you truly are running around naked, you do need help, SERIOUS help!

  3. I wonder where those emails end up then?: o

  4. I only know what I read here. :p

  5. Hey! Great idea for a story! A truck driving Cinderella who ends up murdering the royal family

  6. I had only three CDs that were in the cases, and this guy, Junior Brown, was one of them. I thought of you when this song came on. The other one I liked was “you’re wanted by the police and my wife thinks you’re dead”. :)))

  7. And police is pronounced Po’ lease. Hilarious

    • Most truck drivers call cops Rick, but spell it with a silent P

      • We try to say policemen in front of the kids, but cops isn’t a bad thing, it’s just stands for constable on patrol, but used in a negative way.

        • We don’t care about cops in front of the kids, as my wife has been known to remind people ‘their father was a truck driver and therefore he swears like a…..truck driver’. I have more respect for cops than a lot of truckies do but cops is definitely one of the more polite names

  8. Good line for a story. ; )

  9. Do you have a “highway patrol”?

  10. It was weird in Houston at Christmas. All the pink, yellow and blue frosted trees, in the sixties.

  11. All I have to do is wrap, which I’ve been putting off. My sons came tonight so we the four year olds birthday, which is today, the 22nd.

  12. I have Mac and cheese, salad, cake and ice cream from the party. Late soccer game so I’m keeping all the leftovers here to give them tomorrow. No one is staying here. One family in hotel, and my other son and wife at my daughter’s.

  13. They requested the Mac and cheese I used to make them. But it takes work, lifting heavy boiling pans etc. not easy like it used to be.

  14. So truck on over and I’ll load you up! ; )

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