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To the anonymous blogger

Ok so I said in the last post that I found some enthusiasm thanks to someone elses writing. Well that’s true in part, I didn’t loose enthusiasm but as the witching hour approached last night enthusiasm definitely wasn’t something I had. After three hours sleep the previous night, kids home on holidays and about 4000 words written for the day I was kind of tired.

However let me not take away from the original statement. There is writing by another who has inspired me, enthused me and excited me. I’m not going to name the person, I’m not going to reblog their work and I’m not going to use this post to openly praise them. I have my reasons for this but the main one is they don’t need me to do it, they have more than enough praise from other people. Whether I write the same genre as this person or not doesn’t matter, I wish I could write with the hooks they do, the suspense and the ability to lead a reader on.

Although I’ve written several novel length books, so I know how to write a long story, when it comes to writing and reading serial posts I lose interest fairly quickly. I’ve written a number of my own and each one has stopped purely because I thought I was running into a brick wall with the characters. Some of my readers may disagree (they might not too) but I just felt that the characters were running out of things to do so I stopped them.

The poster mentioned above does not have that problem, it may take days between serial parts but each one is compelling and drags the reader in. The skill it’s written with blows me away, each serial episode could be complied and be the making of a full length novel, I kid you not! Many years ago I used to be a (short lived) band manager, if I was this bloggers manager I would be telling them to get the posts offline and market them as a complete book because people WILL pay for it.

Given the difference in genres between my writing and this blogger’s writing I’m not sure how many ways their writing will influence mine yet (I have a number of old ladies following my writing and I don’t want to give them heart attacks) but it WILL. In some ways it already has I have another outlet for my writing where I do get similar types praise to the blogger in question, regulars hanging for the next episode, constant praise etc but it’s not the kind of writing I want to share on WP.

What I have proven to myself though is that it doesn’t matter the genre (there’s always psychos who want to have sex with you in email…oops I digress) there is something to be learnt from EVERY genre and EVERY writer and those lessons can often be transferred across genres.

To that person, who may or may not read this because they don’t follow my ramblings, I thank you for the new found enthusiasm that you’ve given me, it’s the best christmas present you could have given me. Keep up the great work and if you want a manager call me on 5683 9687 974 ext 8464 🙂


  1. Ok, parts were. Why aren’t you going to put your writing here, or are you planning a book and don’t want to divulge it here? Does this person know you admire them? You’ve taken a more serious note lately…..Holidays? Pain? Blahs? Disappointment? What are the books you’ve written? Maybe I’d like to read them…..☺️

    • Different audience, not the same stuff I write here, specialist target, testing to see if I can do what another author can do without having people compare it directly

      I have said a few things to the author but don’t make a point of telling them I like their writing just like I don’t send fan mail to Stephen King or Bentley Little.

      I don’t know about the serious side, most of what I write is still fiction whether it’s based on real life events or not. I may well use people as inspiration but just like a murder poem doesn’t mean I’m murdering someone a romantic poem doesn’t mean I’m hitting on someone.

      My books are horror, payback, revenge, murder, blood and guts and sex, although not all that happens in each book.

  2. is it me? is it me? just kidding. Great post – I am inspired by many fellow bloggers as well and the gift for writing that so many have just blows my mind

    • Congratulations on being the first to say it 🙂

      Yeah I find inspiration in quite a few bloggers but this one is so different from what I write that I was surprised how much of an influence they are.

      They were actually a big influence in me writing the stupid poems I do when I’m stuck for something else to write, now I’ve kind of just fallen into poem as a first choice, even if some of them are crap.

  3. Title? Name of author? Fess up, lost

    • My title is Sir!
      Name of the author, they know how they are
      Fess up? Nope that was not the point of the post.

      • Not your title, the book titles, Sir! And your pen name, not the one you wrote about.

        • Oh those titles. As they are not published yet (one is still in the hands of the editor) the titles are still up in the air. One is titled Payback is Painful but the others I’m work shopping. I’m not sure if I’ll publish yet so I’m not sure if I will need a pen name.

  4. If I have to call you sir you’ll have to call me madam

  5. That’s an



  6. That’s great! Congratulations! Hmmmn, a pen name…..how about L.P. Rogers, or L. PalmeR

    • Thanks, it’s taken me 16 years but I finally got something to an editor. I’m better with pushing other peoples skills than my own 🙂

      If I write under an alias it will probably be something related to my long time web alias because that’s also my business name and in this country it makes it easier for tax purposes to use an existing business name than start another.

  7. Not very original. I’ll keep thinking. A lot of good ones taken!

    Mark Plain? Ernest Hemmingedges? Frederick Forsooth

      • Okay, well, Fred, Flintstone’s already taken. Darn

        • Problem with Fred is that it’s easy to type but we were screwed over by a Fred a few years ago, he’s part of the reason I fell apart like I did so I’m kind of torn using the name anyway

          • You’re an interesting man, lost. Probably why you’re a good writer. A boring life doesn’t really make a good writer.

            • Can I ask you a personal question, you don’t have to wear, of course you don’t. I have a friend who says writing about depression just makes it worse. Do you think so?

              • Wear? Answer

              • Mental illness is different for everyone and therefore the cures are different for everyone. For me it works a little bit now but looking over some of the stuff I wrote 12-18 months ago it’s easy to see it wasn’t working. I just wish my family knew what I was going through for the last 3 or so years rather than keeping it hidden because it hurt them as much it hurt me, but that doesn’t mean they should see what I wrote during that time.

                • I encouraged this person to write it out and the throw it away and try to forget it. They didn’t think it would help. After learning more about depression, I find I really can’t help them. That in itself very frustrating.

                  • I never throw away such writings, but I don’t keep them for nostalgia I keep them because occasionally I do re-read them.

                    You can’t really help if they don’t want to be helped. I was the same even if my wife knew what was going on I doubt I’d have let her help because my head would have said I didn’t need it. It wasn’t until I ‘woke up’ that I realised others could help.

            • Yeah I like to think that something powers my writing. I may not openly praise myself often and I know I’m not Stephen King but I do know I have some writing ability.

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  9. Wonderfully written, I agree, and cannot count how many people I follow here, that’ve inspired so many of the things I’ve done on my page since I started blogging. It is the nature of the beast, and if you immerse yourself enough, you succumb to it’s moon, fur and all.

    • Thanks 🙂
      There is influence everywhere and it’s great when you find it. I find it strange just how much this person influenced me because of how different our writing is. Obviously I am often influenced by the dark and macabre, but to be influenced by something not even close to that was a real eye opener for me. I was never closed to the idea of other genres I just didn’t realise how much polar opposite genres can influence each other.
      There is a lot to be said for how something is written as opposed to the actual words written and a good writer can carry a story but can carry it in a way few others can.

      • When something not only captures your imagination, but captures your creativity, they have done a far greater thing, than just connect with you as a reader, they have connected with you on another level, somewhere, in the darkness of who you are, and turned a light on, showing you something you didn’t see before, and the ideas flow.

        • Not saying everyone on WordPress is a bad writer (because they aren’t) but I have found that in very few bloggers, so I am thankful when I do find it.

          • You don’t have to be great to inspire, you don’t have to be bad either, inspiration is what it is, when it is, however, take it when you find it, and turn it into stardust 🙂

            • Yeah that’s true enough. The writers I get influence and inspiration from may not be good or great to other people but they are too me.

              • And that, in the end, is what counts, as a write, if I can inspire someone, (hopefully not inspiring them to go on some sort of mad rampage, killing heaps of people..) then I’ve done something amazing, something wonderful. My writing has touched someone in ways, I never imagined it could. And as a writer, that’s want you want in the end, really, your writing, touching someone, in ways… wait, this is starting to sound wrong 🙂

                • Haha touching them with a knife seems to be a trend with some of my writing 🙂
                  I find it funny how if I write a poem/story about murder and killing some people think I’m a psycho and tell me I need help, but if I write something with love in it they don’t tell me I must be the best lover in the world.
                  Maybe that’s why I like comments so much, some of the people who drop them are the funniest people in the world. Good or bad they make my day 🙂

                  • What is acceptable on a social level is where a lot of people come from, I had an interesting letter sent to me, this is my work life, about something yesterday, and the basis behind it is, well, silly, but, the person tried standing on a very faulty moral high ground, and if it had not been mailed anonymous, then, I would’ve been able to write back. But I guess, in the end, what one person takes away from something, is not entirely the same as the next person.

                    • Yeah and it’s the ones that take a weird stance that make me laugh. 🙂

                      I like a well thought out and worded insult as much as I like a congratulatory one, but if someone wants to do it anonymously I think that shows a lack of conviction for what they claim to believe.
                      If it’s worth saying, if you believe what you say put a name to it and deal with what comes, don’t hide from it.

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