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I can write dirty too!

bad poetry

Don’t try judging my taste, but
I’ve been reading some poetry smut
I’m sure it’s alright, for me to do
You’ve probably read the same posts too

Now I’ve never claimed to be a great poet
But seems with rhyming smut, anyone can do it
For me I’d much prefer a good solid story
Be it smutty or saucy, horrific or gory

I’m not saying there’s no place, for rhyming porn
I’d just rather a good story, when I get up in the morn
Of course writing poetry does require a skill
But I prefer a story that really does thrill

To prove a smutty poem can easily flow
I offer you my take which is shown below
It may not be great, it may not make you hot
But I proved I can do it just like the rest of you lot.

I like to fuck
So you are in luck
I like it quick
Let me ride your big dick

I’ll start with a kiss
You wont want to miss
I’ll slide in my tongue
Oh god you’re well hung

With my hand on your thigh
You’ll be feeling a high
When I caress your sack
You’ll writhe on your back

I’ll wrap my hands round your dick
I’ve never felt anything so thick
You’re hung like a pony
I want you inside me

You make me so wet
I owe you a debt
I don’t want you to stop
Now let me get on top

I’ll slide down your thick cock
And your world I will rock
My hips I will thrust
We’ll be lost in our lust

We’ll bump and we’ll grind
Our sweaty bodies entwined
We’ll writhe ‘till we’re numb
And you’ll scream as you cum

Ok I admit my poetry porn may not be the best
I didn’t rhyme pussy and I didn’t rhyme chest
But I proved beyond doubt that even I can do it
So it’s not hard to assume there can’t be much to it

It’s for this reason alone I prefer a good yarn
By an author with talent, an author with charm
There is authors out there who write such good hooks
If it was up to me I’d publish their books.

Ok so I didn’t use the word Calm
But what I wrote might one day be a psalm


  1. this is a good one lets me think about the stuff that musical artists are putting out nowadays…but if you like to read a story come a check out the real rats of NYC and Harlem deer at http://www.truegeorge.com

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