Daily Prompt, poetry


bad poetry

Ok, so you wrote a good story
Like your others, it does deserve glory
The details with which your write
Show a clear goal in sight

With the story you wrote
You deserve the chance to gloat
My enthusiasm has returned
New thoughts you have churned.

You know who you are
You write like a star
Today not as blue
So I do thank you


  1. Nice. Of course my curiosity’s killing me. I know very few people here. But it’s good you’re feeling better. So Fred Forsooth is out of the question?

    • Depression goes up and down. Since I started this particular blog I haven’t been ‘down’ but that doesn’t mean I can dip back into that zone to write something. Just like I can dip into feelings and romance whereas in real life as a male I don’t know anything about such things.

  2. Those pop up ads are very annoying and sometimes they don’t get off, so I don’t read the blog.

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