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bad poetry

To the outside world I looked relaxed
Living a life that was barely taxed
But sitting there in solitude all day
Was only leading me to dismay

I’d gone from being the provider
To living a recluse and being the hider
I’d gone for 12 hours days on the farm
To constant pain in my left arm

Solitude is not the solution
When the brain gets filled with mind pollution
But solitude just comes so easy
When life outside the mind feels so queasy

You want to join in but feel out of place
You want to talk but can’t save face
Can’t make decisions, all thoughts are wrong
There’s a constant feeling one doesn’t belong

You don’t want sympathy, you just want peace
At times you wish the outside world would cease
The answer to depression is not seclusion
Being alone is often a delusion

For me one answer lay in music, specifically in heavy metal
Doom and gloom, volume and anger helped the twisted mind to settle
But by far the biggest wake up call
Came from the fairest one of all

I’m not kidding myself that all is repaired
My mind still hasn’t been laid bare
My mind is no longer an emotional drought
And there is still time for thoughts to fall out

If you can see someone that needs some help
Please don’t wait until you hear the yelp
Talk to them now before it’s too late
Talk to them now before they decide their fate.

You don’t need a fortune teller to see
When a person is feeling so crappy
It can be done without delay
Just ask the person if they’re OK

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