I guess today I’ve written too much
Because right now I’ve got nothing to say
I wrote so many words
I think I ran out
Have you got any for me to borrow?
Just for a few hours?

I guess I could write something heartfelt
Nah did that last night
And it was so bloody good
That I couldn’t sleep
Pity you didn’t read it your life’s now not complete

Maybe I could pen something that’s personal
Although I did that
Was another brilliant piece of prose

I also wrote something that wasn’t
Published on the web
Not because it was bad but because
I didn’t feel like it

I know
I’ll write something that can be deliberately
Taken the wrong way
So I can
Be abused in comments and

Is that too harsh?
Is that bating the hook?
I don’t much care
I’ve run out of words.

I have a lack of Enthusiasm
Please write one of your good stories