Response to Daily Picture Prompt 15

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Had a very heavy night
He got on the slops with Prancer
Now his little nose is bright

All of the other reindeer
Laughed at all their drunken games
They don’t believe poor Rudolph
Or any of his drunken claims

Then one groggy Christmas Eve
Santa hid his stash
“Ruddy with your head so light
You can’t drive my sleigh tonight”

Rudolph the drunken reindeer
Kicked and screamed and tried to flee
“I’m Ruddy the drunken Reindeer
I’ll fly the sleigh through history”

Perched up in the driver’s seat
Ruddy couldn’t steer at all
He drove the sleigh into the ocean
Just before putting out a rescue call

Then when Santa picked him up
The fat man lost his mind
“Rudolph you’re a drunken goat
I had to hire this lifeboat.”