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The girl at Kmart

bad poetry

She works down at the local Kmart store
She’s not on the registers, she just walks the floor
There’s also been times I’ve seen her work at the door
When you see her at work she’s hard to ignore

At the front door the shoppers she will greet
Or stand in place just to check a receipt
Every day that I see her she is so upbeat
And that smile of hers is just so darn sweet

With her long blonde hair tied back in a pony tail
She could sell me a barbecue even if it’s off sale
One look at her face you know she’s hearty and hale
There’s not point giving her a score, she’d blow apart the scale

While shopping the other day I met her in the books
I was browsing the section for crime and for crooks
But it wasn’t until I picked up ”The History of Chinooks”
That I was blown away by her stunning good looks

The next time I saw her she was in the clothing section
I must admit that to see her I took a little flection
When I saw that sweet smile I could feel the affection
Have you worked out yet, I was looking at perfection

Twenty minutes later I was wandering through homewares
They’d combined all the stuff from cooking to chairs
But there she worked, arranging the shelf like she cares
It was then that I realised someone had answered my prayers

An introduction was what I wanted, so I worked out a scheme
It took me a lot of thought, I hoped it was not too extreme
I could feel building pressure in my boiling bloodstream
It was then that I woke up and realised my plan was a dream

Dreaming or relaxed I felt no dismay
T’was such a dream I’d be happy to replay
A smile on my face that couldn’t be wiped away
Because believe it or not today’s shopping day


  1. Rhyming poetry just makes everything sound so beautiful!

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