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bad poetry

Again I find myself Moody
Maybe even a little broody
I see something quintessential
I see something with such potential

Admitting such seems to be ignored
Admitting such seems to be untoward
I know nothing is ever personalised
But the finished product should really be prized

The skill I see is something to admire
It’s a level one day I hope to aspire
I’m not going to lie and say it’s the best ever
But seeing that skill is really a pleasure

What I see presented is truly a gift
First time I see it sets my mind adrift
No escaping the skill, it’s like a classic story
You really should be, basking in glory

From where I sit you really have flair
Of this fact I wish I could make you aware
Whether or not the topic is raw
The talent you have leaves me in awe


  1. Thank you dear, and right back at ya.

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