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Frosty The Snowman

bad poetry

In response to the Daily Picture Prompt 13 provided by ALL ABOUT WRITING AND MORE

Frosty the Snowman looked unhappy on his perch
A timber slat, a piece of wood that may be made from birch

Frosty the Snowman had two arms of a different length
He’d was too worn out, he’d had enough and he’d run right out of strength

There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found
But instead of giving it to our Frosty, they buried it in the ground

Oh, Frosty the Snowman, was as grumpy as he could be,
And the children laughed and pointed at him,
Cause he looked like a Banshee

Frosty the Snowman looked constipated today
Narrow eyes, angry mouth, no nose, or bad toupee

Down in the doldrums, he didn’t even have a hand
His life was dull, he had no skull
Cause his life was just too bland.

He wallowed in his own self pity, right to the very end
His life was nothing more than crap, he didn’t even have a nice girlfriend

Frosty the Snowman hoped the sun would be hot one day
His butt was frozen, he couldn’t move and he wanted to melt away.


  1. Both of our snowmen were unhappy! Poor things.

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