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The girl up the street

bad poetry

There is a girl up the street
And she is just so darn sweet
She’s quick with the wits
And got really great…….jokes.

She lives are number 23
In the front yard there is a tree
The branches of the tree are quiet sparse
When she climbs the trunk you can see her…………clearly

In the backyard there is a swing
Every day she rides the thing
And she loves it when people watch
From on the ground you can see her………….soar

She’s not fishing for a compliment
But her acrobatics are a complement
It’s something you know you just can’t match
When she jumps off the swing and you can see her……..somersault

In the garage she parks her car
It’s also where she keeps the spa
In the spa is where she likes to rest
Barely dressed you can see her…………..bikini

Her husband drives a big red Mack
Drives the thing to there and back
She loves a guy who can drive a truck
Because behind the seat there’s room to……..sleep

In the kitchen she will sit and think
Upon the polished stainless steel sink
She’ll climb up there and land with a grunt
From the kitchen chair you can see her………….strain

In the lounge room she watches television
Don’t judge her on that, it’s her decision
On her couch she loves to feel cushy
To ease her headache she rubs her……..temples

In the bedroom she burns beautiful incense
It helps her dreams and fantasies commence
Side by side laying together on the bed
It’s where she always gives him………..a kiss

When she’s in the bathroom she loves to shower
Under the running water she could spend an hour
Water cascading made it hard to quit
She used her fingers to stroke her………..hair

Out of the shower she towels herself down
Getting ready to put on her dressing gown
Hot and bothered feelings would linger
She’d dearly love to give herself a.………..make over

Back to bed she lies in the nude
She doesn’t feel in the least way lewd
She’s lays upon the bed waiting for eleven thirty
When Hubby’s home and they can get down and dirty


  1. Fallen Saint

    Hot Damn! Here’s one for you 😉
    Not much of a bet
    Can you guess? I’m now… horny

  2. The internet has certainly ruined me; great use of rhyming scheme and imagery.

  3. Uh, uh, okay.
    I remember all of us girls standing up in the swings in elementary school so the boys could peek at our underwear! OMG!

  4. There I go again, TMI

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