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The Maddening?

bad poetry

About 18 months ago as a part of doing some work towards changing my mindset and escaping my own head I undertook a task where I was asked to write down, in point form, feelings and thoughts that were inside my head. They didn’t have to make sense, they didn’t even have to be correct, they just had to be what was inside the head trying to get out.

The following poem? prose? whatever? has been made up from those points, for no other reason that I felt like writing something. It could be called the Maddening but that would only be to fit the prompt. 🙂

Battling, inside my head,
Trying hard, to understand
The fear, the pain, the dread
Living in, a fantasy land

Falling, when I try to escape
Scared to exit, scared to speak
A self created landscape
Impossible to break

Critical moments, spent alone
Self induced solitary confinement
Desperate to try to atone
My world is just out of alignment

A cry for help, a plea to talk
Feeling and emotions, always a constant pull
Is the whole world trying to gawk?
Can’t be picked up even when your hands aren’t full.

I thought you were my closest friend
Do you really think I’m despisable?
When I reach out to slow my descend
You make yourself invisible

Alone in a people filled room
Alone but always the loudest
Alone and living in gloom
Alone and far from the proudest

Trying hard to breakthrough
Always ready to act the clown
What I really need is someone to
Pick me up when I’m feeling down

Forever wanting to be something better
Forever wanting to be overthrown
Forever wanting to be a go-getter
Forever wanting to not be alone


  1. Fallen Saint

    Damn it this makes my heart hurt 🙁 xx

  2. Well expressed. I’ve been there.

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