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It’s Funny

bad poetry

It’s funny how poetry and writing divides.
I’ll write about anything from trucks,
to the bloodiest of homicides.

I’ll even write about emotions.
I’ll write about hate.
I’ll even write about pirates sailing the oceans.

But the one thing that I can never predict.
Something I can never understand.
Is the variety of comments people inflict.

I definitely don’t mind the criticism.
I don’t care about differing opinions.
I’m even happy to accept a bit of schism.

Of course every writer likes praise.
With my writing of course I’m the same.
Although not getting it does not faze.

But here is what I don’t understand.
Maybe it’s because I’m such a good writer! 🙂
But people seem to be so out of hand.

Don’t take this the wrong bloody way.
You’re surely not one of these fools.
A troll I’m not trying to slay.

I’m just writing and having some fun.
A poem may be written by the end.
But here’s why sometimes they stun.

If I write me a poem with emotion.
Whether experienced, read about or dreamt.
It can start a massive commotion.

Words of praise, words of hate.
Poorly written insults my favourite.
Even comments that think it is great.

Then comes the personal attack.
The abuse and their folly.
They seem to think the writing is fact.

They seem to think it’s all about them.
Or maybe some one they know.
And my words they then do condemn.

Now if I write me a poem about killing.
With topics so gruesome and graphic.
Maybe even some pools of blood spilling.

No bugger then labels me an outlaw.
They don’t go calling me a murderer.
And they surely don’t call in the law.

They seem to be able to distinguish.
Between real life and a murderous prose.
But not with emotional English.

I guess it’s why I love spinning.
A yarn or two in any genre.
Because I still consider it winning.

It seems all this writing has come to the end,
of this poem if I can call it that,
but I do have one more thing to say, friend

It’s something that explains how I write.
Words which I think fit with my prose.
And there words I think are alright.

Always write your words with anger.
But publish them with a passion.
And never give into the slander.


  1. “Always write your words with anger.
    But publish them with a passion.
    And never give into the slander.”

    I really like this part 🙂

  2. Well your essence is good 😉

  3. Mullet? The eighties live! Sorry about signing off, I felt I could sleep and I did, for once. So Lost, is it? Okay. How are you today? Thoughtful I assume from the maddening poem. I just finished the decorating. Tried to put up the hang from the floor wreath, not going to happen. Syla

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