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A Conundrum

So the reader has changed since last night when I logged off.
Does it work any better? So far it’s working and that’s a positive, whether it works better time will tell.
Has it changed for the better? Well that is a matter of opinion, some will like it and some wont.

The idea of having small images to the side and text to the right (something most web designers have been doing to display multiple items for 20 years) isn’t a bad one but lets face it getting rid of those huge images on the reader page is a positive change all in it’s own. Those huge images were stupid and often, depending on the images used, not what the author wanted shown especially when it came to linking videos. So visually I don’t mind the change.

What I would like though is the option to change the view, you know like other websites have been offering for 20 years. Looking at the “Recommended Post” feature that has been just added I’d really like the option to make all the links in my reader appear two per line. I understand this set up may not work on all screen sizes, no single set up does, that’s why we have “responsive” website sites and pull down menus that offer a choice.

So now for the Conundrum: a question asked for amusement.

Now they have proven that the designers of the reader have moved into the 1990’s and proven they can make use of white space better, proven that they can even add two posts per line and call them “Recommended Posts” how long will it be before we get ads?


  1. Fallen Saint

    I think my lag finally got better too- not sure though. They have had the worst servers gawd! Trying to switch pages sometimes is painful.

  2. I will have to check it out.

  3. It seems to work better. For instance, YOU showed up! ; )

  4. I actually like the new reader. It’s more streamlined.

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