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Not a very nice Poem

bad poetry

What is your fucking game?
Why is it you continue to flame?
What is it you’re trying to claim?
Why is it me you’re trying to defame?

Your emails full of nothing but shit
They are hardly worth of hitting submit
Your posts are nothing but crap
Your writing you should just scrap

I refuse to be spoken to with such hate
I wont ever take your jealous bait
Just fuck off you amateur sleuth
You don’t even know the truth

You know exactly who your are
You’re emails started in Octobar 😛
Are you sure you’re not infertile?
This has poem nothing to do with Myrtle
(but you should know that)


    • The roof from where I sit right now.

      • Everything peachy?

        • Yeah everything is fine, why you ask?

          • Uh, let’s see, the last poem?

            • Oh yeah, sorry I’d forgotten about that, been out for the last few hours and not thinking about it 🙂

              The poem was just a vent about someone who has been emailing me for nearly 2 months with a pile of shit, they take offence to just about everything I write, or they take it personally. It’s really just a case of say it and forget it for me

              • Good. Glad you dealt with it. I had to deal with a similar thing and once I just laid it out, although harshly, it’s over and done.

                • I don’t even respond to the stupid bitch. I know posting a poem is kind of a response but I don’t respond to her emails and her comments get caught in spam. The poems are just a quick vent, I could just as easily not publish them but screw it she seems to like something to read so I’ll give it too her. It’s no wonder she didn’t finish her NaNo thing last month she was too busy emailing me, although even if I word counted the emails there wasn’t enough to get her over the line for 50K words 🙂

                  • Sounds like you’re on the right track. When ÿou put yourself out there with writings, poems, you hope people take it or leave it, but are kind in their comments. The only person I follow that likes controversy is Godless Cranium. And he’s just trying to get people thinking, IMO.

                    • I don’t even care if people tell me I’m a dickhead providing they can explain why in words of more than two syllables. But as a writer of any sort I do reserve the right to attack them in my writing, I wont name names I wont put personal details in my stories but I may stab them with a spoon.

  1. I can feel how you feel. Nice day.

  2. Don’t you think it’s funny to add IMO? Who else’s would it be?
    ; ))))))

  3. I sympathize, holding my first child, was enough, but the first grandchild was overwhelming! Now he’s 22 and I still feel the same. And the ten year old is my love. My four year old doesn’t live close, but feelings still there. Admitting love doesn’t make you a softie, just a husband and parent.

    • I didn’t just admit love did I? I admitted to being an emotional retard. Of course I love my family I could love them and remain emotionless, trust me I did for several years while I suffered depression, I love my parents despite the fact they aren’t talking to me right now. Emotion is different some are incapable of giving, some incapable of showing and some incapable of receiving, but emotion and love are completely different things.

  4. A good one! ; )

  5. Just let the weed wither and die!

    • For me it’s not really a case of feeding the weed. Posting anything feeds the weed, posting about the weed just gives me another perspective to write about. The person may be the influence for the vitriol, but it’s purely just writing to express an emotion. If I was really writing to feed the weed I’d name her and start a war but I’m just writing. I could write something similar about the guy who cut me off at the traffic lights last week, doesn’t mean I’m still holding a grudge. (although if tonights prompt is traffic light he better look out!)

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