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I used a very big word

bad poetry

My poems aren’t really working
Tonight I can’t come up with jack shit
I wrote four different verses
That didn’t make any bloody sense

The first verse was just a hate filled rant
Aimed at someone riding a horse
A horse which was very high up
And a ride unable to come down

The second verse was little more than a bitch
All I could think of was being pissed off
The insults that were spewed fourth
Barely different from what I’ve been hearing

The third verse started out quiet well
Wonderful words just started to flow
Things were really looking up
But it turned to shit by the second line

The fourth was by far the greatest
But I was still dribbling a great load of crap
Not because the words weren’t well suited
Just because it was all about you.

So as you can see my evenings been wasted
I haven’t been able to write a good poem
I didn’t even write a good story
Maybe I should get a real job

Someone else should go looking for work
They obviously don’t want to write
Maybe the just want to mooch
Wait till there’s nothing left then burn it to the ground

This poem is going nowhere
It doesn’t even have a rhyme
It barely even makes sense
Not even in my stupid mind

At least writing crap like this
Should make it easy to fit in the prompt
Even if its another stupid word like

Ok so it’s not my wonderful word
The dumdums
Chose Conundrum
Stupid heads!


  1. Fallen Saint

    Haha, stupid heads? Sounds like a 5 year old on the play ground, lol! Someone needs sleep. xx

  2. Haha, I wonder why I loved this. Total RAP.

  3. So funny. Good treat of the prompt.

  4. Any adult using “stupidhead” has been hanging around kids too much…I would never use that word…..use doorknob, or moron instead, they’re dope.

    • Nah I love using kids insults on adults. Years ago mates and I used to think of intellectual insults but we quickly realised we were wasting our time because too many insult worthy people are not intellectual enough.

  5. Just couldn’t solve that puzzle could you.

  6. Is that like a cinnamon twist? It goes like this?

    • Actually I’m not 100% sure what it is, I remember mum asking for them as kids but after too many years delivering bread, smelling it for hours every day (both hot and cold) and getting whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it I got really sick of bread. But getting knotted is the kind of insult that can be used without swearing.

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