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Is it midnight yet?

bad poetry

Here I go again, with nothing to write
Will I stay awake, until midnight?
Or will I be asleep, by quarter to ten?
Sleep only happens now and again

I’m watching Jen Aniston pole dance on TV
She’s not wearing much and it’s a sight to see
It’s a cheesy movie and a bit of flake
But one things for sure I’m definitely awake.

I just made it past eleven o’clock
But I still have this darn writers block
The movie just turned into a bit of a ripper
Jen’s now doing her best dance as a stripper

The movie is still going and Jen is now dressed
I’m now watching with interest, but I’m not obsessed
I wonder if she’ll bother, to get her kit off once more
If I’m to stay awake till midnight, I might need an encore

Summer’s now here and the night’s a bit warm
The wind is a-blowing and here comes a storm
At last, the promised cool change has arrived
And with darkness, the temperature has dived

You look so sweet in the long blue skirt
From Jen on TV my eyes you can divert
The cotton T-shirt always makes me think
How wonderful you are and pretty in pink

Midnight is approaching, it’s nearly time for the prompt
If it’s no good someone should be held to accompt
I’m not asking for much just a punch upside the head
For the prompt creator who I’m sure in inbred.

The prompt has arrived it’s creator I should choke
Because they made it the stupid word Bespoke
It makes me wonder what these idiots smoke
Maybe they need help for their addiction to coke.


  1. this is great lol

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