A poem I can’t publish

bad poetry

I’ve got a poem I just cant publish
Not ‘cause rude and not cause it’s rubbish
In parts it’s a confessional
But above all it’s personal

It’s not just about you
And all the things that you do
It’s also about me
And the things we could be

It’s not just some soppy love verse
In fact it’s almost the inverse
It’s a poem about truths
And of course the youths

The poem is not hidden
But to the world it’s forbidden
You know it’s location
You just need it’s dictation


  1. Fallen Saint

    This side of you will always be my fave

  2. Loved this too. Challenging perceptions.

    • I am my own worse critic but it came out better than I thought. I had no idea where it was going when I wrote that first line, wasn’t even sure I could find a rhyme for publish

  3. Don’t think about it, just write. You’re great at it!

    • Thanks, but I do have to think about them. Some of those poems are actually hard to write. Considering up until a few months ago I’d never written one and now days I only write them when I don’t have ideas for stories I am kind of chuffed that they work, but I can also see when they don’t. The ones that don’t work are usually a reminder to do better 🙂

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Have you done the Mystery blog award response yet? Hmm?

    • It’s not being hard on myself. I know some poems and stories don’t work that well even if it is just from my perspective and it’s interesting to see that some of the ones I have hated people like where as some I really liked got almost zero response. I can’t really be bothered going back and reworking poems like some people do I prefer to create something else but I can see good and bad in what I do.

      I thanked you for the award and I thought I mentioned that it’s appreciated but not something I partake in, it’s my usual response so apologies if I didn’t give you the same one.

  5. Oh, too bad, but that’s okay. I don’t rewrite I just blurt out whatever. I agree it’s funny to see the responses. But whatever they are, I’m glad to see they care enough to give one.

  6. Btw, I’ll print out that “my apologies”. In case I need it later. ; ) JK

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