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40 tonnes of steel

bad poetry

It’s an unexplained devotion
Like some magical potion
It makes you climb behind the wheel
And guide 40 tonnes of steel
Along a highway or back track
From home to hell and back

It’s the loneliness of roads
The relationships it corrodes
And the sanity you farewell
On your own path to hell
It only takes a few bad blows
Before your jumping at shadows

It only takes one accident zone
To realise your life’s on loan
It only takes one good tree
To work out life is not for free
The first time you fall asleep
You realise life’s not cheap

One inadvertently missed gear
And you could end up on a pier
(Yes that happened to me)
(I nearly fled into in the sea)
You never swerve for wildlife
You risk ending up in strife

But it’s not at all a loss
It’s like being your own boss
It’s often very quiet
Plays hell with any diet
But you can always sing so loudly
And so goddamn proudly


  1. Loved this. Thanks. OBL

  2. You’re sweet, my first Chritmas gift! So did she say yes? Or is that in part two, there’s going to be a part two, right?

    • Part two: Living merrily, until she decided to kill him because it’s easier to get rid of him and forget him than it is put up living with a fruit cake.

      Just for you I have another truck story coming, but only because you asked so nicely and I was bored whilst organising presents for the kids.

  3. Cool, I’m touched. Not you, the tree guy! JK

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