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A devotion that will always abide

bad poetry

He’s no good at reading signs
Especially the emotional kinds
He’s barely able to read emotion
But one thing he has is devotion

It’s a devotion that will not subside
A devotion that will always abide
He may well lose direction
But he’ll never lose affection

He’s an idiot of the highest order
And he’s sorry that he bored her
Instead of letting conversation fade
It’s attention he should have paid

He should have taken her dancing
Even with his moves so entrancing
He should have taken her to a movie
Instead of acting all goofy

He can feel her heat
Under the sheet
On a night so mild
Driven so wild

He longs for her touch
Unsure he deserves that much
The sound of her voice
Just makes him rejoice

As he stares blankly at the sunset
All he sees is her silhouette
Sleep is not what it seems
When she fills all his dreams


  1. Knew it! Under all that tough violent writing is a romantic.

  2. Lucky lady she is… not many men so devoted

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