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abide or not

bad poetry

Another Saturday night and I’ve got
Well I do got somethin but I’ve got
to write about
I guess I could write about nothin
But that would be a
Short story and there would probly
be nothin to read
How long would you stay on my site
there was nothin to read
Probly not long unless you’re some weird
Cyber stalker with nothin else to
Are you a Cybers Talker?
Doesn’t really matter cause you’re
Not gettin anythin else out of me

I’ve been told by some one special
That even writin shit
Like this is
Can be considered poetry
Word play and
Lost of other things.
But seriously
I thought I was just writin a shit load
Of words
That made no sense I wasn’t
Trying to do anythin like write stuff some people would read
So please tell me it didn’t work again so I can go to
Sleep knowing I
Didn’t pass writing 101
This morning.


  1. Hahaha
    Hilarious! 😀
    I read the whole poem. Am I a cyber stalker? >_<

  2. Robots conversing? . This is funny, like it. You certainly keep us guessing.

  3. Another Dr. Who fan?

  4. Weird you should mention DW. Going to see Dr. Strange again with granddaughter and friends. She’s a huge fan of DW.

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