Job Vacancy

Why is it that I can never fucking win
Every bloody choice I make treated like a mortal sin
A million bloody choices and none of them are right
Is it any fucking wonder I am so bloody contrite

Forty bloody years of mistake after mistake
Shoot me in the fucking head it’s easier to take
There’s no room for others to have a thought
One must always adhere to the lesson you’ve taught

There is only one opinion and it’s always bloody yours
It’s a lesson learned to late but I coped by shutting doors
I cannot change the history or the fuck ups that I’ve made
I refuse to even blame you despite being so dismayed

I saw a job offer recently that said “Apply Within”
It is my dream job and immediately I can begin
Retraining is the key and not something I’d take lightly
For any mistake I’d make amends and kick my own arse nightly

The appeal of moving across the country, never so strong.
No doubt it’s partly based on feelings of always being wrong
I’m sure I’ll still be perpetually wrong from a distance
Because telling me I’m wrong has become an insistence

It’s been twenty years since my first big escape
Seeking greener pastures and a better landscape
Right now it would take little more than a nod from the recruiter
For me to pack up our shit and become an interstate commuter


  1. This thing is all over the place again.. I liked this. I am a Viking descendant of Ragnar (history channel’s Vikings) the star of the story. Love the series, and actors. Yes, I already admitted to being old. It must bother you, you keep mentioning it……

  2. Pardon me while I go out to sit on the porch in my rocker, while sipping tea.

  3. Nope no wonder your wound tighter then I don’t know what. Said person needs to go fuck themselves and get a life & stop siphoning off yours.

  4. I would follow that up with something risqué, but I’m busy writing a Prompt ; }

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