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It’s raining

bad poetry

Weatherman on the radio tells me it’s raining
This news to me needs no explaining
He tells me what’s coming is a cyclone
Strong winds that will cut to the bone
You know I really could do with some help
Before I am hit by this incoming skelp
This shovel I’m swingin’ is breaking my back
By myself alone I’ll never dig out this Big Mack
She’s sinking down past the diffs into this swale
And I know the mud just gets worse up the trail

I’ve tried revving, rocking and reversing
I’ve tried kicking, swearing and cursing
I’ve dug at the mud on the wheels
To the sky I’ve made a thousands appeals
But no one up there is hearing my pleas
It’s times to start doing as I please
It’s time to start lessening this load
1 slab of stubbies I think I am owed

Just one carton I doubt they will miss
Just one slab I hope they’ll dismiss
I’ve got no hope digging out my old girl
And this cyclone is beginning to swirl
The truck cabin will have to be my refuge
As I take shelter from this massive deluge
This storm it could last until midnight
Another slab for me should be alright

The storm’s still raging. It is now into morning
The weatherman just issued another warning
This once dry bush track now a river
But I’ve still got a truck load to deliver
This old Mack she just sits so carefree
Like an island in a raging blue sea
For my efforts I deserve another beer
Another carton they wont notice disappear

As the sun started rising in the east
The storm front has slowly decreased
The rain has finally stopped falling
And the wind is no longer squalling
But the water is still lapping the tyres
And you know what this situation requires
Another case of beer from the dwindling cargo
If they ask I’ll just tell them I don’t know

I bid cheers to the skeeters and sandflies
As the dark clouds clear and leave blue skies
I wont be going nowhere in the short term
The surrounding water has got me stuck firm
I wish good luck to that soggy ol tree frog
And thank god for this truck load of grog
Cause my sorrows I wont fully drown
While there’s plenty more booze to put down


  1. Of course I like it, it’s about a truck. There’s something about those big trucks…..the Christmas spirit must be getting to you, no murder in this one!

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