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Vote one Frank!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, the race for the king of Planet Earth has come down two just two candidates. Since one of those candidates is a rolly polly, orange headed, triple chin, fat cat with the brains of a lizard and a mouth full of crap, that really only leaves one choice. Now, since no one wants to hear from the walking mouth piece lets hear from the only viable candidate. Mr Gehionktfifah (pronounced Frank).”

“People of Planet Earth as your king and ruler I promise the following:

The Ex-Leaders who lied and sent innocent young lives to their deaths in wars they created, the same Ex-Leaders who pretended to cry as they told the world it was the only choice they had left, they will have nowhere to hide. I have no doubt they will protest when they are impaled on spikes buried in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

There is barely a world left for the meek to inherit, those bastard’s in charge have tried to do everything but bomb it, and don’t think they weren’t only years away from that. Power corrupts, absolutely power corrupts absolutely and these bastards lost their goals, focused on popularity and sold their worthless souls to the highest bidder.

Second in line are the sinful Preachers, the scumbags who teach that gods loves his children, then behind closed door they prey on the kids. I can guarantee you people of earth, when this sadistic fuckers are answering to me they will no longer be squealing with glee and the nails of their coffins will be the last thing they hear.

Instead of trawling the sea for fish that are becoming extinct, I propose we start trawling the earth for arseholes not fit to breath our air. Our nets will be large, or nets will be fine and when they are caught we’ll grid their skulls into saw dust.

Crackpots, fascists, patricians, politicians, money makers, money takers, two bit money stealers, bigoted leaders, greedy bosses, hate mongers, liberty takers, your notice has been served. A new age is dawning and those unaware will be taken by surprise. They shall wake with their heads on a chopping block, they shall pay the toll, they will no longer rock this boat and their heads will roll.

So in summary.

Off with their heads, love and laughter is the currency of our new world. The time for greed has gone by, ignorance is no longer bliss, high treason is no longer the norm. The wise of the world will not get mad, they will get even!

Vote one Frank!”


  1. I’m not sure if there is a reference I’m missing? But I quite like the tone in this and the sarcasm of course 😉

  2. Not so sure? I doubt that. I think you know exactly what you’re doing. If you think the other one was old, try this. The nose knows

  3. YouTube! You can find anything you want. The saying just clarifies my above statement.

  4. I can only answer here. I can like from my site, but can’t write. Can only see your side of it there!OMG this is really strange, …or….it might be you

  5. I use the notifications area. If I start doing anything on the admin, I’m so technically advanced I usually end up hitting the wrong button and screwing something up.

  6. I still don’t know what that video was about, but you should look up the narrator for your shadow stories

  7. That’s just what you want us to think

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