Daily Prompt


Tonite I cant be buggered
So ere is me usual well thort out and meaningful poem
It’s gonna be good
It’s gonna also be somewot terribull
You’ll laff
Actoolee that’s a fib you’ll probly cry
My bet is you wont understand
It will be a rhyme wot catches in ya head
Like an earworm
It’s the kinda poem wot will live on foreva and eva and eva and eva and eva
And eva
It’s the kinda verse
You’ll recite to ya kids when dey can’t sleep
And dey in turn will recite it to
deir kids
So dere it is
My poem for the nite.


  1. Haha I can hear your accent 😉 Terrible!!

  2. I loved the word play! Good one!

  3. Oh ! Now I understand why I cannot follow the English spoken in films.

  4. Hilarious, playful and amazing poem! Enjoyed it.

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