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The Shores Of Gallipoli

bad poetry

Quarter of a million dead, if you listen you can hear them speak
They are calling from the other side, their deaths were not unique
From the coastline you can hear them, the bodies of the allied
Once were enemies, buried as friends, they now rest side by side
Buried now as heroes their efforts shall never fade
Too young to die in such a way the ultimate price was paid

Broken promises, faded dreams, no longer can they roam
Slaughtered bodies, wasted lives, they wont be coming home
Their letters home to loved ones left buried in the sand
Hope gone, freedom gone, dreams eternally canned

The sea turned red upon the shore where water and sand did meet
The cliffs of hell, a certain death, not given the chance to retreat
The coastline shall forever remain stained with our heroes blood
Never will that change be there fire rain or flood.

It’s hard to claim a victory when so many lives were lost
Young soldiers lives were sacrificed that was the bloody cost
Every year we honour them on April twenty five
Their names all carved into stone forever kept alive
On ANZAC day we stand under the lone pine tree
We honour all the dead from the shores of Gallipoli


  1. This is so beautiful! Really nice flow, well done 🙂

  2. I saw the movie years ago, cried a lot. Your poem is thoughtful and impressive. Tells of the tragedy well.

  3. Well done, and moving.

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