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Violence is bliss

bad poetry

A flick of the wrist from this hell raiser
Becomes a slash from my straight blade razor
Fists lined with solid brass knuckles
Screams come from long dead chuckles

A cold embrace, warm blood, terrifying scream
They do so much for my self esteem
It’s the thrill of the chase. I never miss
I can tell you that violence is bliss

A psycho madman is what you see
When I’m out on my killing spree
As the evil senses converge
I feel the power beginning to surge
I will not be slowed
When I’m about to explode
What you can’t perceive
Is the life you’re about to leave

Pitch black nights and a unlocked door
Two things I love along with the gore
Running on a high no drug can beat
I’ll never given in, never cry defeat
Self-confidence rising to levels off the chart
You know it’s time for the games to start

Frozen dead faces show nothing but fear
But I wont leave a clue, let me be that clear
I’ll enjoy my orgasm of perversion
Just like a sacred spiritual conversion
I don’t leave a trace, I don’t leave a clue
The crime scene bare, nothing to pursue

I am the Night Stalker
The midnight walker
Violence is bliss
For this hedonist


  1. I can see your glee. So glad you are a writer.

  2. Fallen Saint

    Dark, like my heart. Hard not to have a bit of respect for such a woman. At least she knows what she wants and goes for it. Her orgasmic pleasure and the heights she reaches through being violent are just as equal to those that who get off messing with people’s emotions, in my opinion. We all have a devil within us, guess it’s all about what we do with him that separates us. -Fallen

  3. Very much intrigued

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