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Apartment 213

bad poetry

A mind driven by morbid thoughts
An impulsive compulsion of sorts
Lewd thoughts always implied
Concealed deep down inside

The ultimate goal
Complete control
Forced subjection
No objection
Physical pleasures
Addictive measures
Perverted reality
Obsessed devotee

There is never any objection
To the excitement of dissection
My sensitive skin itches
My entire body twitches

As you become a lifeless vessel
With me you can not wrestle
Your skeletal structure my panoply
Each day I admire it happily

An obsession your mind can’t comprehend
On a passion for flesh I do depend
Multitudes of deaths, lots of bleeding
On their flesh a primal feeding
I live each day for the mastication
Sadistic acts get my admiration

My spine trembles with erotic temptations
Laying with the dead gives me sweet sensations
Cracked lips, a salivating kiss
A shallow breath I do miss
As I wrap my hands around your throat
And grasp you like an iron garrotte
Forever I remember each sweet death
Forever I remember your last breath

Our final embrace tells of your demise
Memories of your death keep me alive
Memories that will never die
My love for death, my alibi

In apartment 213 the shades are drawn
From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
No one outside can see in
To my little rooms of sin
All I need is a friend
Someone who wont contend
Forget about the humanity
Don’t leave me with my sanity


  1. Had to laugh, cracked lips….

  2. I also liked multitudes of death, lots of bleeding…;)

  3. I could go line by line and submit my critique…..wouldn’t that be fun?

    • If you had the time I wouldn’t care, well constructed criticism beats empty praise every day. The only kind of criticism I think is pathetic is the kind where the person hates something but can’t or wont explain why, proves they don’t hate it as much as they claim as far as I’m concerned.

  4. And where did apartment 213 come from? Is it like Grimm where the door numbers in hotels have a secret meaning? Watch a Grimm?

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