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The Count’s Wife

bad poetry

Welcome to the castle of urgings
Not you whores, just you virgins
The Count’s wife, so infernal
Nothing about her is maternal

Her methods are so knavish
Enticed by foods so lavish
As the evening wanes
Their blood she drains

Virgins eating meals all day long
Never suspecting somethings wrong
The Countesses laugh is so divine
As she sits and sips her wine
Under the surface a terrible plaque
Her skins it doth peel and crack

As night becomes a dark black hole
One of the virgin’s must pay the toll
At midnight she weaves a jagged path
Straight into the blood filled bath.

The Count’s castle her self styled hell
At midnight she tolls the brass death bell
The Countess in a robe of black
When blood is spilled she can’t go back
LIfe’s nothing more than a distance smear
When death is always so darn near

As age sets in the Countess becomes a cripple
The lives she stole little more than a ripple
Her arms are open, she welcomes death
She knows she’s due her own last breath

It’s a life she can no longer conduct
A castle she can no longer construct
As darkness falls on her last rampage
Satan turns her final page
Brings to an end the horror story
Of the Countess Bathory


  1. Awesome how you described Bathory, I have always been fascinated by that chick who wanted eternal youth, and what if eternal youth laid in blood of virgins 🙂

    • Thanks. There is such weirdness in some of the worlds worst characters that makes them interesting.

      There is probably a lot more detail I could have added that would have given the poem bit more depth but it was late 🙂

  2. I had to look this up- u keep stumping me with your dark history- which is great because history is my fave. Anyway, you really capture the ‘wow factor’ of this horrible story! Yuck 😛 But well done with the wording and rythm. 🙂

  3. Hey, I just found your comments in the spam folder. I was looking for the snow button and found a whole new section I hadn’t seen before! Duh! Snow, I know, not too good on my dragonfly. : o. Liked this one. I write a whole comment and then it disappears with an error msg……

  4. nice poem. She was a vampiress, per say.

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