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The Mirror

bad poetry

A prisoner, born to them and haunted
Forgotten one, the little boy unwanted
While my brother did no wrong
I just knew I didn’t belong belong.
In his shadow I was dying
My life was purifying

The one you didn’t need
The one who couldn’t be freed
My future never clearer
The boy inside the mirror

Fell the lashes, you were never coy
You just wanted a whipping boy

In my head horror movies constantly rerun
All my thoughts they seek to expugn
Every Echo steals my breath
Every scene scares me to death
A mind full of dread
How can I be dead

I step up to the mirror
Hopes of making things clearer
I come in for confession
I don’t seek no concession

The mirror it stalks
The mirror it talks
“You will not survive”
“Ashamed your alive”
“The face that you see”
“Does belong to me”

Looking in the mirror I don’t like what I see
Even breaking the glass wont set me free


  1. Well if what she says fucking matters that much why don’t you just go give up already instead of being all passive aggressive about it!

  2. Don’t think I won’t either. So over it

  3. nice poem. I also wrote a poem about a mirror too a long time ago.

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