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This is garbage

bad poetry

Oh yay it’s another prompt
I’m feeling a bit swamped
I think my life has faded
Maybe a little jaded

Actually no that is a lie
One I probably should deny
I am really just feeling tired
And probably should have retired

A full night’s sleep would be hot stuff
Two friggen hours just not enough
I can’t be bothered sleeping
Might take up beekeeping

Ok this is just darn stupid
I must not be very lucid
I’m now going to bed unfeeling
Just to stare up at the ceiling

Nobody should like this
It really is amiss
It’s a silly little oddment
That doesn’t deserve a comment.


  1. This doesn’t deserve a comment? But it does! Way to go turning a useless prompt into THIS 😉

  2. Rugby843

    Being yourself again…

  3. Rugby843

    New season of Vikings on the History channel.. You’d love it, just your style.

  4. No need to publish such posts to be honest. But you still know it.

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