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bad poetry

No one benefits from the silence
I’m going to give you some guidance
I’m going to vent my spleen
And you may find this quite obscene

You leave me maniacal, suicidal
Self destructive, homicidal
No hope, no life, no core
Nothing worth living for
Your ridiculous fucking gloat
Makes me want to slit my throat

You self righteous fuck
You wont stop me running amok
I want to rip off your fucking face
There is no way you’ll win this race
Look in my eyes you’ll see no doubt
Your beating heart I will rip out
My hate for you is infectious
You will have no need for your plexus

Why do you make everything an issue
Wipe your crying eyes with a tissue
Your opinions always meaningless
Your life it shall now transgress
You are nothing but a vulture
Lacking any

You make my fucking skin creep
It’s time I put you to sleep
You are nothing but a bad dream
All I want is to hear you scream

A bullet to the head
I’d rather eat lead
Than think of you
I will bid you adieu

Everything thing you do just lights my fucking fuse
How many fucking ways can you find to lose

From inside the idiot is a woken
Of your life there wont even be a token

You’re a spineless fucking maggot
A stupid little braggart

Get outta my face
Get off of my case
Get out of my life
Stop causing me strife
Get outta my way
Today you pay
Not another lie
Today you die


  1. Wow!! I don’t want to be the one on the receiving end of that powerful tirade, that is for sure 😉 I like your rhythm

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m now wondering if I can get worse 🙂

      • Oh boy! I hope not- I like happy once in a while 😛

        • Just like some like love and romance, and some like heart felt and fuzzy I like angry and violence in writing. I’m not worried about likes and praise when it comes to writing I like darkness, when it comes to life I like happiness. It’s all fun

          • I know- I didn’t mean to imply you should do anything else. I enjoy your work (whether u need it or not). I do sometimes have to come back and reread in a different mind set. Look forward to reading whatever is next! 😉

            • Yeah I know. I’m just in a dirty mood, no sleep and that’s when my mind really does make up violent stuff, even if it’s just based on other peoples song. Not that I need to defend my self but most of my poems are based or other peoples work and this one is no different. I didn’t come up with the original idea of ripping someone’s face off I just re-voiced it.

  2. Yup, made your point.

  3. The first two lines, wow. Pure art.

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