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Black Eyed Soul

A burning blue light seers my eyes as I walk deeper into the tunnel. The darkness is devoured, swallowed by the burning blue light. Is someone there? I feel something, I sense something, I hear something.

“Is that footsteps behind me?” my mind asks.

I turn around, there is no one there. My eyes search the enveloping darkness behind me, I can see nothing but fading blue turning into black. As I turn I am blinded again by the blue light. I feel it. I jump, I yelp.

A phantom hand touches my shoulder blade, the tip of one finger gently traces it’s way down my back. A pungent smell fills the air, reeking, stinking raping my senses. I turn again, nothing is there.

I’ve seen him before, I see him every night, the black eyed visitor, he comes from the darkness and talk to me as I sleep. He tells me the truth, the truth about you, the truth about me, the truth about everything. But again as I turn nothing is there.

Last night the black eyed soul told me of the future, a future to bleak to see, a future of pending catastrophes. It’s those sinister eyes that convince me of the truth. The way he talks about the past makes me feel I have known him for years, the way he talks about the universe makes me believe he’s been around since the dawn of time.

I can’t keep track of time, the longer I feel that phantom touch on my spine, the longer I feel the pungent breath on my neck, all time becomes unmeasurable. The voice it sends a chill down my spine yet I can still feel those piercing dead sinister eyes burning into my back.

It’s like a dream that crawls through my sleep, but I know better than that, this is not a dream for if it were I could wake and be rid of it. Scientists twist the truth, politicians tell lies yet none are held to task, my black eyed visitor warns of a world where these corruptions rule the world, it’s a bleak world and one even he can not change.

“Blood, death, birth, life, murder, horror, 2000 years of human existence, how did you survive yourselves?” the black eyed visitor asks. “No money, no church, no government, no faith will ever save you from your doomed fate. Your scornful hate for the world itself will be the downfall of you all!”


  1. WOW! This actually got me choked up!! It’s dark, but also really powerful! Wicked good 😉

  2. I put something down and it kicked somewhere ugh 😛

    WOW! This had me all choked up! It’s SO good- dark and powerful!! Love it, well done!

  3. I had to read this a third time. Just because I feel it had such context I didn’t want to miss anything. I really love this line- “A phantom hand touches my shoulder blade, the tip of one finger gently traces it’s way down my back.” Make me shiver 😉

  4. This was dark, but not gory. I liked that line especially too. I could feel it. Really liked the writing.. More, please.

  5. When my mother was visiting last week, I had heard on the radio Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. I love the song. Anyway, I saw this post and keep hearing that song in my mind.

    • Yeah I did too. I’ve never been a huge fan of Soundgarden but I’ve always liked the song and as soon as I saw the title on my admin page I started thinking of the song.

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