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A dirty poem

bad poetry

You walk in the room and it’s sitting there waiting
The way it sits, unmoving and still, is so frustrating

You know you don’t want to go near it
Perhaps it’s because you fear it

It sits against the wall
You can no longer stall

You know it’s not going to bite
But if you don’t do this you’ll feel contrite

Contrite at a job not done
Yet it’s a job you want to shun

You have to face the fear
Sure there might be a smear

But it’s your job to stand strong
Even I there is a pong

Just get in there an lift the top
It’s not a job that you can swap

A pungent odour it may contain
Even if you’re not to blame

Come on just grab the brush
After a swish give it a flush

Some one might come along and soil it
But you’ll feel better now you’ve cleaned the toilet


  1. OMG! Did you know the word prompt ahead of time? HAHAHA! I quite enjoy a good potty talk conversation.

  2. Seriously, the best and because it fit so well just all the more. Still laughing 😀

  3. It’s befitting for your style of humor, a little shocking and sarcastic. What better way then to talk dirty 😉

  4. So good, I liked it wery much!
    I also wrote a post with prompt-word if have time, please check it: http://wp.me/pSU64-2w2

  5. Glad you weren’t brushing your teeth.

  6. Very funny. I assume you’ve had this chore a few times?

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