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So after being woken up at 2:15am this morning, I did what most normal people do, I went back to bed and lay looking at the ceiling. That is normal isn’t it?

Anyway during the next few hours I started to wonder if there was a stalker at the window….well not quite I’m writing a novel and there is a stalker in it and I guess my brain chose that time of night to decide if the scenes I was thinking about were going to work. So after an hour of such thoughts there was still no one peaking through the window. DAMMIT!!

But by that time it was too late my mind had wandered onto stalking in general…again this is normal isn’t it?

In the late 90’s a friend and I electronically took out a cyber stalker who was harassing another friend, he wasn’t over dangerous and really didn’t understand the medium he was playing with so it wasn’t hard for us to taken him out even with 90’s technology hacking.

In 2003 I had a stalker of my own, although stalker might be stretching it, he was just a lonely bloke who turned up where I was. I guess the weird stalkerish thing about the guy was that the time our paths crossed was between 2am and 3am while I was delivering bread to one of the supermarkets down near the beach. I don’t think he was dangerous, at least he never was to me, but I’d come out of store after stacking the shelves and he’d be sitting on the back of the truck waiting for me eating and loaf of day old bread.

In 2009 I had a stalker from an internet forum who threatened to come and kill me and my family all because I picked on his football team. In the end he was just an online idiot who thought he could scare people. I suppose I did leave the house on more than one occasion looking both way for cars that didn’t belong (not that hard to do in the country) because I knew the guy was less than an hour away and as much as I didn’t think he had the stones to take his threats off line I did have a family to protect. After a few months it came out the guy was offering the same threats to a few people.

Now in 2016 I have a new form of stalker, the WordPress stalker. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this is a bad thing but one look down my stats shows how many ‘followers’ I have, another look down the ‘likes’ shows how few of those actually take the time to click on a button. A look into another column and I can see how many of those bother to comment.

Now I’m not going to throw exact figures out there but the percent of regular ‘likers’ to ‘followers’ only just gets over double figures where as the percentage of followers to those leaving comments is well down in single figures. Again not complaining but I can also see by the number of regular viewers (IP addresses that appear in the server logs every day) that there is a large number of people , some followers, some not, who do access my site every day and stay for long enough to read most posts that neither like or comment.

From that I deduce that 2016 is the year of the WordPress stalker, the person who looks, reads and never does any more. There is of course nothing wrong with being that kind of person, just like there is nothing wrong with being the kind of person who likes for the sake of it and a WP stalker is much better than a real life stalker (unless it’s in a novel I’m writing which will be a best seller 😛 ).

So there you go, we are all stalkers of the WordPress world in some way shape or form, if you stalk me I’ll stalk you 😛 Although please be patient if you want me to stalk you, I’ve been a bit busy over the last 4 weeks with a novel and I’ve barely read more than half a dozen blogs a week (and no yours is not one of them 😛 ), so if your request for stalking is in the mail I’ll get to it in a few weeks when I finish the first draft of my novel.

So what does this have to do with liminal? Absolutely nothing I say if spell check doesn’t know the word it’s not a real word 😛


  1. Have you ever thought of stopping posting here for the next 2 or 4 weeks? Then the stalking-problem is resolved for 14 – 28 days. Now, I will not leave a like. Hope this is of help.

    • You do understand the context the post was written in don’t you?

      • I would replace “stalker” by “reader”, otherwise I know your problem in detail only too well when looking at my statistics (readers in comparison to likes or even COMMENTS which must be a foreign incomprehensible word for quite a lot of people). But now it is time for me go asleep (0:40 a.m. CET). Good night!

        • Lots of words can be used but stalker fitted the rest of the story. I often play with words and take their meaning different to other people. I wont post it because it will offend some people but George Carlin did a wonderful scene about such a topic many years ago where he explains that even the worst words can be funny if used right. Not all people would agree with his usage but if you remove the known meaning of the word from your mind it’s amazing how much a bad word can take on a different context.

  2. Haha! And I thought you were going to mention me 😛

  3. I had an Internet one a few years back when I was writing on Epinions. They dealt with it for me. Not nice.

  4. Well at least people are reading. And yes the waking up staring at the ceiling, perfectly normal, for me anyway. My grandson comes over after working till nine and says, let’s go —-. If I protest he reminds me I don’t sleep anyway. It’s a habit I developed when I was in constant pain and couldn’t be still. Night was the worst with no distractions. I had the copycat thing and finally wrote them about it.

    • I tend to just lie in bed awake, it kills my back and I end up barely able to walk sometimes but the house is too small to do anything in without waking everyone.

      • Me too, walking was even more painful and I’m not the graceful quiet type either . Luckily my husband slept like a log on our king sized bed.

        • My wife does the same. On the morning I do get up early, which isn’t often I have to go out to the office in the garage to make coffee and something to eat so as not to make a noise. Even the noise of typing on the keyboard wakes the kids up.

  5. I had a facebook stalker once. I friended him, but the guy had issues. I ended up blocking him, but he kept making fake profiles. He finally quit. I have been away from wordpress for a few days because I had company.

    • One of my friends has a FB stalker currently but for personal reasons we can’t do much about it, but it makes it hard for her because she can’t post anything on FB without coping shit.

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