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Never sated

bad poetry

I have never been sated with you
It’s a love that just grew and grew
A love that may often go askew
But I can never get enough of you

Wanted more, needed more
Every day more to adore
Loving you is not a chore
Your simple touch rocks me to the core

I wish I could fix all my mistakes
All the cracks and all the breaks
Rumbles turned into earthquakes
Just waiting for the coup de grace

You make me hot, you make me sweat
For you even I would share claret
Love you forever and that’s dead set
I wish I could give you just one rosette

Walking in the room you make me quiver
Stepping close I start to shiver
It’s like floating aimlessly down a river
I really wish that I could deliver

Lying beside you my heart’s aflutter
I wish I knew the words to utter
All I do is babble and splutter
I feel like I’m lying in melted butter?


  1. Love this! You make me all melty 😉 You mushy, what’s up with that?!

  2. Probably best that way 😉

  3. So perhaps put it in the middle, start lighter and then end dark?

  4. So you’re an old softie underneath all that murderous facade?☺️

  5. Sort of a Jekyll and Hyde? I’m familiar with that.

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