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bad poetry

Head is aching, thumping inside
Sleep is missing, probably denied

You are living a nightmare
Overflowing with despair

You are falling apart
You know you just need a start

Brittle bones almost viminal
Alone you sit, death is your liminal

With each gasping breath your life is fading
Through your body the junk is pervading

You own lies you do believe
This world you just want to leave

If your mind was capable of change
Perhaps your life you could exchange

Can’t hide the fact that your hand is shaking
Blood shot eyes, cracked the glass, mirror is breaking

Loving spoonful sits over the flame
You’ve only got yourself to blame

I’m not going to hold you as you die
Your wasted life not something I’ll justify

I can’t sit here and watch you embed.
I can’t watch you pushing that needle into the red.


  1. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

  2. That’s what I meant. You can’t always help someone.

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